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СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

  - First of all, we would like to remind you that from  1st of October   till 1st of  May, it is necessary to switch on dipped headlights outside settlements.

For violation of this rule a  fine of 425 UAH is provided.

 - NEW PARKING RULES from 27.09.2018 

full text of this law is here: http://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/2262-19:

 1. Autofixation  of offenses in the field of road safety -  stopping,  parking of vehicles in the mode of photography (video recording) has been introduced. Obligatory is the condition of the presence of at least two images of the vehicle, obtained from different or opposite angles, as well as fixing the date, time (moment), location of the vehicle in relation to immovable objects and / or geographical coordinates.

3. For infringement of rules of a stop/parking, will be fined by inspectors on a parking. They can fix/write a fine without the presence of the offender  and to leave it on the windshield of the vehicle,  also can right to evacuate the vehicle (in cases below).

For example, the Kyiv Local Council has already adopted a relevant provision on the powers of parking inspectors:

http: //kmr.gov.ua/uk/content/u-kyyevi-148-inspektoriv-slidkuvatymut-za-dotrymannyam-pravyl-parkuvannya

4. Penalties for violation of parking rules:

 - 20 times the cost of one hour of services for every day, and in case of ungrounded parking of vehicles on the ground for persons with appropriate benefits -   30 times the cost of one hour of services for every day.

 Under  the "non-paid  cost of services for using  place for parking" should be understood as non-paid  cost of using the parking place of vehicles more than 10 minutes.

The parking inspector has no right to receive penalties in cash.

5. Temporary detention (evacuation) of the vehicle by the parking inspector is carried out by means of delivery for storage to a special site or parking with the help of a special evacuation vehicle and is permitted in such cases:

1) car is placed on the way in two or more rows;

3) car, by its location makes impossible the movement of other vehicles or creates an obstacle for the movement of pedestrians, including persons with disabilities on special means of transportation and pedestrians with wheelchairs;

4) car is placed  on a dedicated lane for the movement of public route transport;

 The cost of evacuation is - 720 UAH, and storage services - 144 UAH per day.


Permitted speed in populated areas is 50 km / h, if its limit is not increased by local authorities.

  Pay attention to the fact that the penalty for violation of speed is set at 255 UAH.


- Video recording of traffic violations:

 From September 28, 2018, the patrol police were supposed to start receiving TruCAM laser speed meters to detect violations of the rules of the road, in particular speeding.

 In 2015, fixation was introduced by the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts Regarding the Improvement of Regulation of Relations in the Field of Road Safety”. http://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/596-19

However, practical implementation is questionable. In particular, in the state budget for 2016 - 2018 a separate line on the allocation of funds for the purchase of equipment for automatic fixation of traffic violations was not. And the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of November 10, 2017 No. 833, February 15th, 2018, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure approved only technical requirements for technical means and procedures.

 Let’s recall the key points of the Constitutional Court  decision:

- the principle of the rule of law is recognized and valid in Ukraine, and the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine are norms of direct action;

- when adopting new laws or amending existing laws, the content and scope of existing rights and freedoms should  not  been restricted;

- Citizens have equal constitutional rights and freedoms and are equal before the law. There can be no privileges or restrictions, including depending on the property status;

- the legal responsibility of a person has an individual character;

- No one is obliged to prove his innocence of a crime. A charge cannot be based on assumptions.

Knowing this, the Interior Ministry came up with a “smart” move to this law: namely, they suggested that the legislators replace Article 14-1 with Article 14-2, which is essentially the same, which imposes administrative responsibility on legal entities and individuals on whom vehicles are registered. But replacing the “owner of the vehicle” with “the person for whom it is registered” did not make article 14-2 more constitutional.