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СНПЧ А7 Омск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ



1. The Budget -2018 provides with raising the minimum wage from January 1  -   3723 UAH.


2. Obligations to sort garbage. From January 1, 2018, citizens of Ukraine will be required to sort all garbage by types, according to the norm of the Law of Ukraine "On Waste". But there are still no decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers with a list and sequence of operations with garbage.


3. The Law "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Reforming the Parking Sphere of Vehicles" was adopted, which is prepared for signature and according to which after its entry into force, will be such in particular:


- the subject of administrative offenses,  which are fixed automatically and for violation of the rules of stopping, parking, parking of vehicles, recorded in the mode of taking photographs (video recordings) is added  -  the proper user of the vehicle, if such person is written in the Unified State Register of Vehicles. If not - the subject of administrative offenses will be owner of the Vehicles.


- the vehicle will be evacuated if it:


1) parked on the way in two or more rows;

2) is located in the places where stopping or parking prohibited by the Rules of the Road, namely:

a) at railway crossings;

b) on the tramway;

c) on overpasses, bridges, overpasses and under them, in tunnels;

d) on pedestrian crossings and closer than 10 meters to them from both sides, except in cases of stoppage for granting an advantage in motion;

d) at intersections and closer than 10 meters from the edge of the intersected roadway;

e) on the way, where the distance between the continuous marking line or the opposite edge of the way and the vehicle that has stopped is less than 3 meters;

e) closer than 30 meters from the stop space for public transport;

e) is closer than 10 meters from the designated place for performing road works and in the zone of their performance;

g) in places where it will be impossible to counter-pass or take over the vehicle that has stopped;

c) is closer than 10 meters from the exits from the adjacent territories and directly at the place of departure;

3) by its location it makes impossible the movement of other vehicles or  the movement of pedestrians, including persons with disabilities on special means of transportation and pedestrians with wheelchairs;

4) is located on a dedicated lane for the movement of public transport;

5) is located on the bicycle path indicated by the corresponding road signs and / or road markings;

6) interferes with the movement or operation of snow removal;

7) violates the parking scheme of vehicles in such a way that it blocks travel on two or more lanes.


With such a temporary detention of a vehicle (evacuation), the location of such a vehicle must be fixed in the shooting mode (video recording).


- Return cars to the owners will be only after the payment the penalty.


- A number of innovations are also provided for car owners on numforeign number plates.A Person, which imported such car into Ukraine will be fined for such violations (recorded in automatic mode). The decision on the penalty of drivers of such cars with foreign numbers will be given to driver by the State Border Service.


- Not only policemen, but also special inspectors, who will be appointed by local authorities will fix violation of parking rules.


The law will enter into force after six months after the official publication. Now Law is getting ready for signing. Full text:




4. We remind you also that as early as in late October 2017, the Law "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Increased Responsibility for Parking, Stopping, Parking of Vehicles in the Fields for Persons with Disabilities" came into force.


In particular, for:

- stopping or parking of vehicles on the ground, marked with appropriate road signs or road markings, on which the stopping or parking of only vehicles controlled by drivers with disabilities or drivers carrying people with disabilities is allowed, as well as the creation of obstacles for drivers with disabilities or drivers who transport people with disabilities in stopping or parking their vehicles, misuse and the vehicle of the identification mark "Driver with a disability (fine from 1020 to 1700 UAH);


- parking the vehicle on the ground for free parking of vehicles controlled by drivers with disabilities or drivers who carry people with disabilities, drivers who do not have documents about the presence of a disability in one of the passengers, except for manifest signs of disability (fine from 1020 to 1700 UAH, for a repeated violation - from 2040 to 2550 UAH)



It is also allowed to evacuate cars that illegally occupy parking spaces for persons with disabilities. Corresponding changes are made in Art. 265 - 2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.


The full text of the Law is here:




5. Limiting the speed of traffic in the city to 50 km per hour, unless other signs are set, allowing speed above the established mode. However, the resolution of the introduction of the technical surveillance of this limitation is still not passed by the National Police - actual estimations range till end of 2018 till this introduction will become effective!


6. The new order of entry to the territory of Ukraine came into force  January 1, 2018. To cross the border, citizens of countries which are seen as possible threats for Ukraine (migration risk etc.)will need to have a biometric passport (if not, biometric data will be taken by border guards).



As part of the implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers to include the Russian Federation in the list of migration risk countries. http://zakon3.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/1074-95-%D0%BF/page2