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16.11.2017 Changes in the Code of Criminal Procedure

The following amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure for  ensuring compliance with the rights of business entities in the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings were made today,   in particular:

- in articles 60, 214 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, granting to the applicant the right to receive an extract from the register of pre-trial investigations. At the same time, the investigator and the prosecutor are required to provide applicant with such an extract  in 24 hours after the date of entering the information into the register;

- in articles 3, 28, 303 and 308 of the Criminal Procedure Code, according to which a person who is not a party  of a criminal proceeding and in relation to which (including his property) procedural actions are carried out, has the right to demand for criminal proceedings within a reasonable time and appeal against violation of such deadlines;

- in articles 27, 107, 222 and 236 of the Code of Criminal Procedure providing for mandatory video recording of the search. Video recording becomes an integral part of the search protocol. In addition, the defense is given the right to carry out a video-search of the search;

- in articles 160, 164, 165, 168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, according to which the prosecution party must prove the need to seize the originals of documents or their copies and make copies with  information which is necessary with the involvement of a specialist. In this case, the seizure of electronic information systems is prohibited.

The full text of the Law: