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Concerning the recent introduction of the visa-free-regime for ukrainian citizens for the EU, we would like to notice, that the EU plans to introduce in the close future a common IT-system, called "entry-exit", which will unify all memberstates-systems of surveillancing the entry and exit of 3rd-country-nationals.

Till now the most common method of calculating the 90/180-days-rule was the manual stamp in the passport, as very often more than one country was involved in trips of 3rd-country nationals (for example - immigration with hungarian Schengen-visa in Poland and emigration via Slovakia)!This, of course, left a lot of space for gaps in supervision of the 90-180-principle.

Actually, the draft for a common system was already agreed and such a system might be introduced during short time:


Take also into consideration that a violation of the 90/180-days-principle might cause immigration-denials of 3-5 years.