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Changes in the conditions for employment of foreigners will come into force in autumn


Since September 27, 2017, changes regarding the conditions for employment of foreign citizens, stateless persons and obtaining a temporary residence permit, will come into force in accordance with the Law of Ukraine of May 23, 2017 No. 2058-VIII)


The full text of the Law:



In particular,


1) the division of foreigners into categories has been introduced, depending on the grounds for their employment in Ukraine and the specificity of the labor function.

So, such categories will be introduced:

- foreign workers,

- Intra-corporate assignees,

- foreigners, on whom a decision has been made to recognize them as refugees,

- foreign highly paid professionals,

- founders / participants / controllers of a legal entity established in Ukraine,

- graduates of universities included in the first hundred of the rating approved by the CMU,

- Foreign workers of the creative profession,

 - Foreign IT professionals.

 2) accordingly, the minimum wage requirements are established, depending on the categories: at least 5 minimum wages for foreign employees in public, charitable and educational institutions, for all other categories - at least 10 minimum wages. At the same time, the minimum wage requirement is not applied to special categories (founders, university graduates included in the first hundred of the rating approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, foreign creative workers, foreign IT professionals)

3) The validity period of the job permission  is increased depending on the category of the foreign worker. In particular, the maximum possible validity of such permission is 3 years, but only for certain categories of persons.

4) The list of documents that is mandatory for submission irrespective of the employee category has been reduced. Thus, the filing of a document stating that a person is not a patient with chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or other infectious diseases; Certificates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that a foreigner or a stateless person who are on the territory of Ukraine are not serving a sentence for the commission of a crime and criminal proceedings are not being conducted against them;

5) The law provides for changes in the fee for issuing job permission. The administrative fee is levied also for the extension of the work permit. At the same time, the amount of such a fee depends on the category of the foreign worker in respect of which the decision is taken.

6) The time limits for issuing  or extension of a job permission are reduced.

7) an administrative fee has been introduced for the issuing or prolongation a temporal permission  (340 UAH).


These changes will take effect from September 27, 2017