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The law, adopted yesterday by the Verkhovna Rada, changes some legislative acts concerning the following in particular:


1 Minimum social fee to budget is introduced for private entrepreneurs on a common system of taxation, regardless of whether the income is received in the reporting period (704.00 uah per month).

 2.Wages will be calculated based on the minimum subsistence level (not below the subsistence level).

 3.The maximum amount of the pension is limited to the level of 10 740 Uah.

 4. The size of payments for the provision of administrative services, the payment of court fee and the registration fee will be calculated from the subsistence minimum, not from amount of min.salary like now.

5. Also scholarships are canceled. (students (cadets) will be able to receive only social scholarships to universities, based on the level of family income and scholarships for academic success).

F.e. this change is illegal and we will explain soon in detaol why.


Full text of this law: