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According to order of the Cabinet of Ministers №163, dater 31st March 2015  (Order 163) rules for extending period or reduce the period of temporary stay of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine №150, dated 15.02.2012 WAS amended, namely, the order of counting days of staying foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of Ukraine was changed.

According to these changes, foreigners and stateless persons from countries with visa-free entry may stay  in Ukraine up to 90 days in ANY  180-day period, ie from each day of stay (the day of entry or control) will have to deduct 180 days back. Detailed rule (instruction) of the counting such day of stayng in Ukraine WILL BE DONE BY Ministry of the Interior.

Due to wording of the amendment it would cause the following example: Emigration of foreigner from ukraine at 9.4.2015 - 180 calender days will be counted backwards to 12.10.2014. So in the period of 12.10.2014-09.04.2015 a visafree stay of accumulated 90 calendar days is allowed!

This order 163 was published and came into force on the 8th of April 2015!

Actual notice! Important! Due to a statement of 12.05.2015 of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine there is still no instruction about the 163/2015 by the Ministry of Interior and by this, State Border Guard of Ukraine would still control due to CabMin 150/2012, which caused intensive legal problems.

We recommend to add a written protest in the case of fining and to take qualified legal assistance. We also would like to notice, that due to the unilateral view of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine they are allowed to hold a foreigner despite done identification up to 3 hours for setting up a protocol (which may lead even to missed flights!). However, this point of view is contrary to several points of Ukrainian constitution and will have to be checked by constitutional court of Ukraine.