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Unlike several other countries (f.e.russia or ukraine) there are serious legal risks by using so called „dashcams“ in cars in germany!

Due to legal view of the bavarian authority for supervision of data protection there is no permission to use videos/datas of such cameras in a public manner. Legal base is the federal law about data protection (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).

This law prohibits the publishing of such recorded datas in public networks like youtube, facebook etc.also like the usage as evidence at court or for an insurance!

Only the pure usage for private purposes is allowed!


Background of this news ist he court sentence of the administrative court in Ansbach of August 12th, 2014, which approved the legal view of the data protection authority!


It should be taken into consideration that violations of this rules might be fined up to 300.000 EUR by the data protection supervisory authorities!


So it is necessary to think about using such evidences furthermore in legal disputes at court because it should be expected that a legal opponent will complaint about this at the local data protection supervisory authority with all the possible legal aftereffects (fines…).