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Non-residents under the terms of article  380  new Customs Code of Ukraine have the right  for temporal import  their own cars for personal use  into the territory of Ukraine for the term - up to one year. The procedure for registration of  temporary import is very simple -  you only need to show  document confirming the vehicle registration with the competent authority of the foreign state. Such personal   vehicles  which are temporarily imported into the customs territory of Ukraine   are not object to a written declaration and filing any additional papers. Admission of such vehicles through the custom border of Ukraine comes true without application to them of the measures of guaranteeing, envisaged by the division of X of this Code. Fuel, that is contained in the ordinary (set by a plant-producer) tanks of the marked transport vehicles, not object to writing declaration and is not the object of taxation custom payments. Article 380. Features of temporal import by the citizens of transport vehicles of the personal use on custom territory of Ukraine

 1. A temporal import on custom territory of Ukraine of transport vehicles of the personal use is allowed citizens-non-residents within one year. This term can be continued by custom authorities taking into account the action of acts of God and the personal circumstances of citizens, that brought in such transport vehicles, on condition of documentary confirmation of these circumstances, but no more than on 60 days. The obligatory condition of admittance of the marked transport vehicles to the temporal import on custom territory of Ukraine is registration of these transport vehicles in the authorized organs of the foreign states, that is confirmed by a corresponding document.