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The following restrictions will apply from the 2nd  September till the 2nd  December   2014:

1. was extended: restriction for selling foreign currency to population:  according to one passport in one bank per day  is allowed to buy  foreign currency in equivalent not more than 15.000 UAH.

2. foreign currency from deposit is allowed to obtain in the equivalent not more than 15.000 UAH per day.

3. from hryvnia deposits is allowed to obtain amount  not more than 150 thousand  UAH per  day.

4.all amounts which are sent via international transfers without opening an account (for example, by using the payment system Western Union, MoneyGram, etc..) will be received here only in local currency.

5. money transfers in foreign currency by individuals abroad - is allowed in equivalent not more than 15.000 UAH per day (without opening  an account in a foreign currency) and not more than the equivalent of 150.000 UAH per month from the current account in foreign currency.

6. for the purchase of non-cash foreign currency  - from the buyer is required three days prior to transfer money to bank in the special account hryvnia (2900). To buy non-cash foreign currency is allowed only on the fourth day.

7. NOT allowed to pay back loans (received from non-residents) in foreign currency BEFORE terms in agreement.

8. is extended working day, without exception, in ALL banks - up to 18:00.