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Due to reliable informations from the Ukrainian border police and the state migration service there exists still no technical (IT)-solution to supervise the observance of the “90/180”-day rule of visa free stays at the territory of Ukraine.

The check by borderpolice remains simply in the visual check of the immigration-and emigration-marks in the shown ID-document or passport. This means, that actually the check is still done primarily on the question if there was a continuously stay of more than 90 calendar days at the time of emigration (in-and outgoing-days inclusive!).

Due to the additional fact, that there is furthermore NOT ANY legal sentence about the definition of the period of 180 days, we strongly advise to be very skeptical about possible fines, especially if borderguards offer them without official protocol! There are still not ANY court sentences or even immigration bans concerning violations of 90 day-stays in connection with several immigration dates known (if not ONE stay exceeded 90 days!).