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Identification of authorized persons in the public area of the embassy:

Due to revolving negative experiences about the behavior, especially of ukrainian employees of the german embassy in Kiev we would like to inform you, that due to one of our complaints ALL of the local officers of the german embassy were again equipped with ID Cards.

So, if you have any complaints about their behavior – demand them straightly to show you their ID Card and do a notice of their ID number, because they are not obliged to tell you their names!

Language skills of officers at german embassy:

Due to informations of the german embassy there has to be ALL THE TIME a local officer, especially at the entrance, which has to be able to communicate fluently in german or english. Shouldn’t this be the case, we strongly recommend also to demand the ID Card and to notice the ID numbers of the present persons.

Ban of mobiles at the area of german embassy:

The general ban of mobiles at the public area of the german embassy has due to our view no sufficient legal base. Because of this we initiated also a complaint, over whose results we will inform you as soon as possible.

About complaints in general:

We would like to advise especially german citizens to use their right of giving petitions to the german parliament. Due to our experience this way of doing complaints about negative experiences at german embassies is surprisingly effective and free of charge. However – the time for this procedure is not appropriate for urgent questions and in questions about negative visa-decisions the so called “remonstration” remains the right way.

Petitions are now also possible online: