- Require from police officers to introduce themselves and to present (show) their official identification;

- Require explanation of the reasons of detention, name of department to which you will be taken, and its address ;

- Inform at once by phone relatives about the detention;

- Make sure that in the book in department (to which you will be taken) will be written your name, surname, and exact time of your arrest ;

- Upon arrival at the office REQUIRE a protocol on detention, except for the protocol of administrative offense , require the provision of access to legal counsel ;

- Do not sign the protocol of the offense without preliminary reading it by lawyer. OR ( if you did not do  request for a lawyer ) – while signing , note that  "with protocol do not agree," and explain WHY, or if appropriate action had taken place, written notice: "About my detention relatives were not notified!"

If denied a lawyer - "WAS denied the possibility of access to a lawyer ".


- Be sure to GET both COPIES of protocols .


In addition, police is not allowed to take photographs or fingerprints in the process of administrative detention!