During the public protest, police has the right to use special instruments and firearms.  Rules of using such means are regulated by articles 12-15 of the Law of Ukraine "About police ".

BEFORE using such special means and firearms necessary to WARN people in a recognizable way. There is only one exception when police may use WITHOUT WARNING - if there is an immediate threat for life or health of citizens or police .

Restricted by law to use physical force, special means and firearms against pregnant women, old people and people with signs of disability and  minors.

According to the article 15 of the law about police  -   firearms ARE ALLOWED to use only as last-ditch method! . AND NOT ALLOWED to use firearms against crowds of people,  because of the possibility to injure innocent persons!

According to the article 14 of the Law about police - rubber bullets are traumatic weapons (also according to the list approved by the Council of Ministers URSR, 27.02.1991 , "About rules of the using special tools for the protection of public order")

Using of rubber bullets is permitted ONLY at a distance no closer than 40 meters from a person and only for shoting on legs .

Also its prohibited using tear gas and shooting AT THE SAME (ONE) MOMENT!  

Using water jets when the air temperature is below 0 is PROHIBITED (paragraph 16 of rules of using means during protection of public order).

In case of violation of this rules we recommend to collect all possible evidences (datas of eye-witnesses or videos/pictures) and to make a complaint at Prokuratura or to take legal advise of your lawyers.